Lake Superior Agate Earrings

Lake Superior Agate Earrings


Hand Cut, One of A Kind Lake Superior Agate Cabochons set in hand crafted sterling silver settings. These banded agates glow from within. Agates are known to offer stability & grounding. In many cultures through the centuries agates were used as a talisman to ward off evil energy, and also to protect against natural disasters. Lake Superior Agates specifically are a very grounding stone. Sacred to the Anishinaabe & Sioux peoples who have dwelled on the shores for centuries, these stones are powerful healers for protection and growth during times of transformation. Lake Superior Agates were created by lava flows and their signature red coloration is derived from iron oxides, glacial activity then spread these brilliant stones over the region surrounding the greatest of lakes; these agates can be found in Northwestern Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and on the north shore of the Lake into Canada.

These earrings were carefully crafted by hand in recycled sterling silver. They hang from Handmade Sterling ear wires, with hypo allergenic backs. Hand forged Sterling silver Fringe creates movement while swaying from a textured Brass Ring. These earrings are Asymmetrical by the nature of the stones.

Approx 90mm length.

Dress these up or dress them down. Modern Heirlooms to treasure for years to come.

No additional Shipping Charges for US orders.  Please message me direct for a quote on shipping international orders  Note that if you are located in the Chequamegon Bay area you can select Local Pick Up also, just so I know not to ship it off!

For Made to Order items, please allow up to 2 weeks for fabrication time, additional shipping time will apply.

The oxidized surface is intentional and helps to accentuate the many textures found in my jewelry.

All handcrafted. Small Batch made. One of a Kind.

Hypo allergenic Earring backs included on all dangle earrings.

If you have metal sensitivity you may want to opt for all sterling silver or fine silver.

Due to differing pH levels, each body may react differently to metals; some skin may respond with a temporary discoloration.

Each Piece comes packaged gift ready in a kraft paper box with a Flame & Stone collectable sticker & business card for you!  I am aiming to burn through my existing bubble mailers so I can ship my work in a more eco friendly manner.  Any tape used is eco/biodegradeable tape thus far.  

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