Eye Totem Necklace

Eye Totem Necklace

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“Appearing in the dreams of individuals undergoing significant psychological transitions, the symbolism of the eye seems indicative of a new or budding unconscious level of awareness trying to assure or unveil itself.“ *

The final month of 2018 into the beginning of 2019 proved to be one of the more enlightening periods of change in my life. In that time, I submitted to my lifelong battle with depression, sought help, made a pact with myself to pursue truth, joy & wellness, let go of several large influences in my life which no longer served me and developed a solid routine including daily meditation. In my first weeks of meditation the eye became a prominent and recurring vision, and now makes its appearance on occasion. This eye was the first eye that came to me via my meditation.

Take from it what you will, the eye is a powerful symbol that has appeared, “ in religious texts, mythology, art, literature, and architecture, the motif of an omniscient observer is woven through history and found throughout the world….. one eye is frequently a symbol of power, transformation and omniscience, as in the case of the Eye of God, the eye of Horus, and the third eye.”*

This eye is a totem for change, transcendence, perseverance, progress, guidance and protection. Crafted with size in mind, this small talisman can be worn daily as a keeper of the transformation, a daily reminder.

Made to order and forged by hand from recycled silver or bronze, this little pendant hangs on an 18” chain in Sterling Silver or 14/20 Gold Fill (the 14K Gold Fill chain is adjustable between a 16” choker length and 18”). Gold Fill is a more affordable option than a 14K chain, but looks the same, and the heavy layer of gold over brass is far more durable than a plated chain. The silver totem is stamped on the reverse with .925 for purity. The chains each close with a lobster clasp. The bronze totem is brought to a high polish where as the silver totem comes with a brushed finish.

* information quoted in this listing comes from: PSYCHIC OBJECTIVITY AND THE EYE OF GOD: BEARING WITNESS TO THE MYTH OF THE APOCALYPSE a dissertation submitted
by Alisa “Cece” Woods Briggs

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