Turquoise Hair Pin Auction (Retail $180)

This hairpin is being auctioned off with all proceeds going to the children of a family in my community who lost their mother suddenly last week. ALL of the proceeds will go on to a Visa gift card and the card will go to the children’s caregivers (dad/grandma). Perhaps they can have a weekend away at the waterpark in Duluth , or get a weeks worth of groceries for the kids while they navigate these first few weeks processing loss.

You can bid by commenting on this post(below in comment section). And you will just have to check back periodically to see if you’ve been outbid. The most recent bid will be at the Top of the comments. Increments of $5 please.

We will figure out the transfer of funds once the Auction Closes.

If you care to donate and not bid- please put the amount you wish to contribute followed by DONATION ONLY. (Thank you)

Auction will open this Saturday 2/23 @ 12PM CST and will Close on Sunday 2/24 @ Noon CST. Starting bid $60. RETAIL VALUE is $180, It would be nice to raise this AT MINIMUM.

Thank you in advance for all who contribute.

(This is an original hair pin. Made from hand forged 8 gauge Sterling Silver with lovely hammered texture . Set with a piece of Battle Mountain (Nevada) Turquoise on a Sterling Silver & Brass Layered Third Eye. Meditation has been part of my personal recovery from pretty crippling depression & anxiety. I often, for whatever reason, have visions of Eyes when I meditate (my Logo is the first one I sketched from memory). The Third Eye is a chakra (called Ajna) located between your eyebrows, it is known to be the source of intuition and perception and to help us tap into our deep innate wisdom. The eye, as a symbol (both in jewelry and beyond), has spanned cultures across the globe over the centuries, giving the wearers protection from evil, illumination in the face of uncertainty, imagination through consciousness, and has helped lead the way on a new path of change as the eye often presents itself in the dreams and visions of those embarking on a voyage of deep psychological transformative change. (I have been reading a dissertation written by Cece Briggs and I am sure some of this information I have absorbed is from her wonderful writings among others))