Ephemeral moments from deep in the woods. Fleeting glimpses of sparkles on the water. Breathless gazes at the expanding night sky. Deep introspection as one turns within. Rough hewn beauty, texture, cycles, grit… values woven into the day to day rituals when one lives in a rugged environment. Connecting to the land, to the shifts and nuances that nature brings. These intrinsic qualities influence the rhythm of your systems, the movements of your hands, the nature of your ideas, the ebb and flow of creativity. Flame & Stone originated from primal necessity to create and moves forward from a place of intuitive passion for the handmade object.

Each piece from Flame & Stone is designed and fabricated by hand within a small studio tucked in the woods of Madeline Island. Flame & Stone is a one woman operation. Designs are informed by organic forms & textures melded with symbolism & sacred numbers, global ancient texts ; and by images captured in the mind during daily meditations, walks through the north woods, on the shore, shapes made on the mat Materials used are purchased or found consciously. Please reach out with any questions about materials, process, or for wholesale/consignment options for retailers.