flame & stone

handmade to adorn. built to be worn.

flame & stone is a one woman operation.

Each piece is hand fabricated by me, Hilary Nelson, in my home studio tucked away on a small island in Lake Superior.


In the day and age of mass production, and all things made in China, it is time we savor and relish in that which is handmade.

All of my pieces are designed and hand fabricated by my two hands in my home studio.  I occasionally use pre fabricated findings, such as clasps and pin backs, where I believe these will benefit the longevity and safe keeping of the piece.  Other than that, when at all possible, I make it.

Style & Quality

My style is in a constant state of evolution, but errs on the rustic and organic side of bohemian-esque statement jewelry.  My finishes are brushed, not high shine, and carry a lovely patina on the surface to enhance any textures or markings and give an antiqued presence.   The goal is to make my pieces sturdy to withstand the test of time as well as creating a sense of timelessness.

Respect for the Artists

In the vast system of social media and commercial jewelry, many styles over lap.  I take great pride in trying to keep my pieces unique to me.  Please respect that these ideas and designs came from my mind, and my hands.

All rights reserved to flame & stone.  

Many of the photos on this site were taken by the magical Madeline Brown, please check out her work at :


Thank you for your respectful support.


Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.
— Rumi


My Story in a Nutshell.... Ever-changing. Shifting. Moving.

The journey to the Lake began, indirectly in 1998, directly in 2002. And basically everything is a subsequent consequence of being born, so I'd say that birth led me to The Lake....

The metal journey began in 2005 while I was in School at UW Madison with the intention of acquiring a Bachelors in Religious Studies. For  electives I took an introductory Art Metals class.  First class and I was hooked. I took them all. I wasn't very good, but I still loved the challenge and the possibilities and the antiquity in the material and the process... The processes. I switched my degree to Bachelor of Fine Art and persevered. So, naturally I partied my way through most of my twenties and all of my college years until I landed on the Greek Island of Paros, the third island I've dwelt on. I finished up with Art School there, traveled Europe on motorcycle, train, bicycle, foot... And returned Stateside a little weary & lost; with a BFA, a satchel full of metalsmithing skills and somewhat blurred vision of being a metalsmith.... and no money. 

So, I returned to The Lake, to Madeline Island, my heart's true home.... After setting up a few funny little studios in the woods, making lots of (kind of crappy) jewelry,  several miscellaneous jobs and a few years later I would find myself pregnant with my first child. A direct result of... Well... You know...
That is how we were blessed with Loretta Grace.  

Long story short(ened)...

A few more years later and me and that boy from 1998 (the one that brought me both indirectly and directly to The Lake)  look into the eyes of our second child, and our sweet Cyrus is now part of the world.

And so here we live on the shore of the big(gest) Lake, on a little island/rock,  our family of 4 + 2 dogs + 1 cat....  Me and my family, my rock, my stone. 

Jewelry is a way for me to express things I can't otherwise  say, and mostly just to create beauty with my hands. It is my flame. 

Each piece is handcrafted from my original designs in my garage studio called Flame & Stone. I select high quality, recycled, local (or USA made) and ecologically sourced materials at every chance I can. I primarily work in .925/Sterling Silver. I am not a production jeweler,  my pieces are all designed and fabricated by me;  even small batch pieces vary and differ as I am human and cannot perfectly reproduce things and do not strive to do so. 

My work is inspired by whatever is resonating with my soul at the time. 

I create jewelry that makes me feel beautiful on the inside and out. It is built to last, to withstand the test of time, to be passed on as a modern heirloom.  I create jewelry to adorn your body with lovely reminders, to empower you and to help you tap into the divine beauty intrinsic to life.

 Thank you for looking at my work... And even more, thank you for buying some. 🙌🏼❤️✨ it helps put good food in my babies' bellies,  and makes my soul feel happy.

Be well.

Live with Intention. 

Pursue your dreams.