general information & policies

Please read this page prior to making a purchase or emailing me!  Its meant to save us both time.

Shipping Information

I ship USPS priority for all standard orders within the USA and will insure up to the nearest $10 variable.

There are simply way too many customs, insurance and general shipping regulations for all the countries out there for me to list or know prices for each.  I have come up with estimated shipping costs based on my previous orders, these include the fees by USPS as well as expenses incurred in the process.  It is 100% illegal for me to declare any amount other than the value of what I am shipping for customs, please do not ask me to do so, it's just not gonna happen! It is also 100% up to you to know what fees you may incur with customs, and to take responsibility for them.  Australia has crazy shipping rates, and such, if you're purchasing from there maybe buy several items and have them all shipped together!  I will of course adjust shipping charges for large orders and where I see fit and fair. 

All work is packaged gift ready , tucked in a padded & recycled brown Kraft paper box  (stamped f & s). I include business cards with contact information as well as any other information I see necessary.  Each box is secured in a bubble wrap padded envelope. Of course for multiple item orders shipping package will be based on size and weight and is subject to change (up and or down), we will figure this out at the time of shipping.

Customers pay all s & h fees, insurance, and any customs costs after I ship.  Cost of packaging is included in the per item cost.

I have to write these things to cover my self. Not my fav thing to do. Now... coffee!



I strive to make my jewelry as beautiful, sturdy and finely crafted as possible.  I take time to write detailed descriptions and take good and many photos which represent each piece from many angles so that you can have a near perfect idea of what you will be receiving.  Please read and look over each piece, and if you have questions do email me before buying!  I cannot take returns do to aesthetic discrepancies or sizing issues, so know your style and size please. 

There are absolutely no returns on custom work. 

I will always repair my own work, and will replace a piece if it is broken due to faulty craftsmanship.  Please email me photos of the issue and let me know you will be sending it my way prior to shipping it.  I recommend insuring your piece as I cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss due to USPS. I require you cover return shipping.

Cleaning & Care

My work is oxidized intentionally for aesthetic purposes, however time creates a natural patina on most non-ferrous metals as they interact with oxygen, water, skin oils, various body products, etc.  Some people have a naturally acidic pH level to their body and this can affect metal coloration and sensitivity, as can temperature, work environment and extra curriculars.  Bottom line, metal changer color, or patinas naturally, with time.

What you'll need is a SOFT bristled toothbrush (, a small dish, baking soda, water, and dish soap if you like (optional).  Make a paste of water and baking soda in the dish, add a drop (A drop) of dish soap, and scrub solution on piece GENTLY, rinsing to check progress, and when clean dry immediately with a clean cotton rag.  PLEASE AVOID SCRUBBING THE STONE(S) as they may become scratched or otherwise damaged. If the piece still doesn't look right to you, email me a picture.

By removing your jewelry before working out, bathing in salt water or chlorine (or bathing in general), cleaning or working with harsh chemicals (bleach, ammonia, even undiluted vinegar, etc.), working with heavy machinery, and handling small children you will greatly reduce the risk of any unnecessary oxidization, damage or harm to you and the jewelry.

Custom Work

I am no longer taking custom orders. I will create a piece for you as an individual so long as it is a design I am currently working in, always subject to my availability. You can use the connect page to send me a message of inquiry if you are truly interested in a custom piece such as a Third Eye Talisman necklace or some bangles, whatever I have materials in stock for I will make for you when time allows.

I no longer create custom, completely one of a kind engagement rings, wedding bands, or anything else that would be considered a prototype. After years of struggling with time consuming orders, placing custom orders for stones after hours of searching and sending off pieces that I was not 100% sure about, it is in everyone’s best interest that I stick to what I know, and what has been made, remade, and remade again to withstand the test of time.

Thank you for your understanding. - Hilary