more is just more

I had this idea that I could be a weekly or bi weekly blogger when I started this project.  Then as time moved forward I realized how difficult it is for me to do most things if they don't come organically from my heart. Looking back on the things I felt I failed at this past year, all of those things that didn't work out were creations of my 'more is better' driven mind. 

How was this year for you?  To me, I cannot justify complaints as I end the year with a happy and healthy family surrounded by love, and without having endured much trauma or loss. Through dedicating myself more fully to a yoga practice this year, I made it out of the clutching grip of a 4 year battle with depression; instilling a new sense of lightness and appreciation in me. Through this practice I have come to  recognize, and from there work on the release of, toxic resentment, chronic pessimism, and debilitating negativity.  Out of the many little things I felt at the time were failures, in hind sight they were all minute and passed without much stigma.  The two things I felt were big accomplishments (running 26.2, completion of 200Hr RYT) left me with lessons in patience, determination, perseverance, passion, that pain and trauma both physical and mental take time and dedicated work to heal,  if you are recovering from pain, take time to sit with the discomfort and listen to what your body is suggesting you need to do to heal, and the understanding that More is just More, it does not always mean better (thank you Christina for instilling these words during a lovely, sweaty, yoga practice you created).  The more miles I put on my body, the more damage I did.  The more I focused on quality over quantity of my actions, the more I began to enjoy things, and the more I began to heal. 

I will say, the one exception I have personally found to this concept, is that the more time I put into taking care of myself, the more I enjoy life. More love makes for better quality of life. 

 I'm heading into the new year with this mantra into my head.  

Move from a place of more quality, rather than more quantity.  But remembering that More is just more, it is not better.

Many blessings to you and those you hold most dear in this coming year.  

Be well. 


Hilary OQ NelsonComment