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Custom Orders

dreaming of a custom piece?

Please shoot me an email if you are SERIOUSLY interested in having a custom piece made by me. 

I will need to know specifics.  These things include:

  • what type of jewelry are you interested in having made? (ring, earrings, necklace...)

  • what type of stone are you interested in having set? do you own this stone or are you interested in one of mine? if you have a stone, i will need to see a photo of it to determine if it is something i feel i can work with. Above is a bunch of examples of past work I have made. My instagram feed/Flame & Stone Facebook page have tons of photos of my work, so please scroll through and shoot me specifics on what you love & want. The possibilities are pretty vast.

  • I will need to know size specifics.  Your ring size if a ring is in order, you can have your finger sized at any commercial jewelry store, OR you can order a plastic sizer from my online store ($1.75 shipped) which are re-usable. Your wrist size if you want a cuff bracelet, use a piece of paper and measure the length around where you would like your cuff to sit (generally just behind your knobby wrist bone); measure the paper to the nearest MM and send it to me! For bangles please make your hand into the shape you would if you were sliding a bracelet on and measure across the width of the widest part of your hand (generally from thumb knuckle across) and send me that measurement. For a pendant I will need to know the length of the chain you desire, and/or if you would like any adjustable lengths.  If you google search "chain length" for men or women you will get a variety of photos showing where chains fall at various lengths.

  • Please note the general fabrication and shipping time is between 6-8 weeks, this may be much shorter, but it also may be up to 10 weeks.  I will give you an estimate of time. If you need a rushed order let me know, charges may apply.

  • I require a 50% down payment based on my initial estimate of cost.  The final total is subject to change.  I will hold orders for no longer than 2 weeks without a down payment, if no payment is received in that time I will assume you are no longer interested.  I accept PayPal as a standard form of payment, local (WI or MN) checks are also acceptable & Credit cards via Stripe, you can also send me $ on Venmo.

  • With the exception of slight sizing modifications (dependent on the piece), all custom orders are final. No refunds or exchanges.

I take great pride in making custom orders, and find the process can be super enjoyable on both ends.  Your interest in my work is greatly appreciated.